edition 2019

communities & the commons

The second edition of the Polish-German-Israeli program of an intellectual and artistic exchange entitled “Exercising modernity” will be devoted to the concept of communities – an important element of our understanding of modernism and modernizing practices. We will investigate the concept of communities in various geographical and political contexts from both historical and modern perspective. The participants of our program will be encouraged to reflect on modern practices regarding the process of establishing communities, as well as on modern ways of thinking about the public space and public institutions, and about creating context for building relations. The 2019 edition will focus on social issues and modern views on the common good. We will examine the subjects connected with housing (e.g. cooperative estates in Poland and Germany; kibbutzim viewed as a distinctive form of social life), grassroots forms of organization (cooperatives) and public space. We will also discuss the common historical experience of the 20th-century East Central Europe, as well as imagined communities and national discourses in various geographical contexts. 

The main part of the program – the summer school – will take place in July–August 2019 in Warsaw, Wrocław, Weimar and Berlin. During the last week of October we will also organize a number of discussions and workshops held in Tel Aviv.