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27.06.23 Exhibition

Exhibition “Urban networks of modernism and the role of jewish architects – the case of Gdynia (Poland)”

„Urban networks of modernism and the role of jewish architects – the case of Gdynia (Poland)” exhibition presents Gdynia’s interwar architecture through the lens of selected works by Polish architects of Jewish origin. They were an important group of creators involved in modernization projects for rebuilding and reshaping the country in the interwar period, and they also actively contributed to the development of modern architectural language. In the late 1930’ some of them were stripped of the right to practice their profession and with the outbreak of the WW II forced to escape for their lives, or even persecuted and murdered by the German occupation regime. Some of these figures are unknown today because of what happened in the war and postwar years. Others are still remembered, but their life and work ought to be valued again.

The group of architectural examples presented at the exhibition is only a part of the richer oeuvre of Jewish architects active in Gdynia between the wars. Great part of these buildings, like those shown at the exhibition, have survived to the present day and their original design documentation has been preserved too.

The Exhibition is a collaboration between the Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des Lebens und Wirkens deutschsprachiger jüdischer Architekten (GjA) and the Pilecki-Institut Berlin as part of its Exercising Modernity programme. The exhibition was first presented in November 2022 in Berlin as part of the Triennale der Moderne festival.

Curatorial team: Dr.Małgorzata Jędrzejczyk, Witold Okun, Marie-Josée Seipelt, Dr Ing. Günter Schlusche
Research Contributors: Dr. Jarosław Drozd, Dr. Joanna Majczyk, Witold Okun, Dr. hab. Agnieszka Tomaszewicz Professor of Wrocław University of Science and Technology


The exhibition is presented in Polish, English and German at the Gdynia InfoBox, (ul. Świętojańska 30, 81-372 Gdynia, Poland).

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10:00-18:00,
Saturday 11:00-18:00, Sunday 11:00-16:00.
Free entrance

Exhibition opening: 27.06.2023, 5pm

The exhibition will be on display until 24 September 2023.

Photographs from the exhibition opening: Tomek Lelito


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